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Username Staff Member Issued Action Reason
cipsoleg Xonyne88 5 days ago Kick see, Im staff?
DogeeGamer Distress432_ 5 days ago Temp Mute Expired Staff Impersination
DogeeGamer Xonyne88 5 days ago Warning Active Staff Impersonation. Final Warning.
cipsoleg Distress432_ 5 days ago Kick hacking
hiiamhacker77 actually_new_me 5 days ago Temp Ban Active velocity
TheRealPleeber YungProMC 5 days ago Kick none
iambotplayz YungProMC 5 days ago Temp Mute Expired Begging continously
Distress432_ Distress432_ 6 days ago Warning Expired banana
Distress432_ Distress432_ 6 days ago Temp Ban Expired cos Hes TOOOOO Good!!
JakiMC Distress432_ 6 days ago Unknown suspision of hacking