This is a launcher built by TLauncher. This is a “Free” version of Minecraft that doesn’t require paid premium accounts.  Many of our players uses this launcher as it’s easy simple to install.

Our download policies are that all the files we provide are safe and secure. Every file that we upload to this section is scanned by Malwarebytes to ensure it’s malware free. We only upload trusted resources that we have tested our selves. We also name the source of the resource that’s not made by us directly. You may not distribute any files that are in this page, we may result in legal action if the terms are broken. By downloading any files on YSN, you agreed to our policy and terms.


Why use the default Minecraft texture pack when you can use an advanced texture pack that is designed for how you play. This texture pack enhances visuals without the use of shaders.

The resource pack that defines the vanilla resource pack, we would define it as an Add-On to the default texture pack. Bringing animation and style to life without ruining Minecraft’s distinct style


The Pro version includes two resource packs. Pro Lite, and Pro Max.

Pro Lite is designed to optimise for slower computers and help massively boost FPS designed for competitive play by keeping textures, models simple yet visually appealing. 

Pro Max is designed for maximum visual appeal, unlike the standard free pack, it offers great amounts of visual integrity, animations, sounds textures, blockstates and models. It is optimised for how we play without it being insanely realistic. It’s great for content creators, adventure map and genuine Minecraft lets plays.