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We have custom GUIs and shops to enhance player experience.

Our builders team has created custom Skyblock islands, Creative plots, Prison mines that’s seen nowhere else.

YSN’s developer team strive to bring daily updates, all over the network

Dev & updates

This is the statistics of our beta servers, as a part of YSN, we always fix, update and hold events. Our staffs are always online and will try their best to solve your problems. We have over 30 public testers testing out beta servers, we try and continue to optimise our servers to run as smooth as possible.

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Heads of ysn

The team

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop and test YSN, would not be possible without them.

Dora (Yung)

Owner + Developer


Head of management


Game Management 

Information and specification about our servers

our servers

We’re hosted by YungCZ Hosting, we use and buy old servers which would of been thrown out as rubbish. We did this because to reduce E-waste. Most of our servers uses recycled CPUs and RAM. The exception to this is our Proxy server which is ran remotely for security, safety, backup and outage reasons. 

We use AMD EPYC 7282, ECC DDR4 memory, RAID SSD, 1Gbps uplink, up to 300Gbps DDoS protection.

We also use recycled Intel Core i5-3230M for our less demanding servers. Although we use recycled hardware, our servers are still capable of running high amounts of player count due to server optimisation.

Through more funding and development, you shall see us upgrading our servers very soon, we need your support!

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The official YSN website has been released! This is our first blog post, we will continue to update you, come along with us for our journey. Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/Ta4ArPY for more info!